8 June 2011


I've been meaning to post this piccy for some time but various dreams of having a summer away from the Albion's inner thoughts prevented me from doing so. There are positives of thinking about the Albion despite wanting a summer off. This overwhelming transfer activity at least means that I still have something to talk to the whole family about (all recent phone calls had an air of silence about them until the Bennett transfer). This latest million pound signing (with more to come!?) means I've had to put my head back into the world of the club, even if we're seemingly becoming a little too big already.

Anyway, that's beside the point. The point is this picture was one of the highlights of trophy/ leaving Withers day. And rumour has it that these six older ladies and one older gentleman (good work, good sir) lost seventeen days, two quilts, one colleague but no self-respect in constucting a banner that made emotional wrecks of us all. I had planned to cry during the trophy presentation but the disastrous ineptitude of the nPower monkeys meant that, not only was the presentation embarrassingly paraded in front of an empty stand with two blokes holding the backdrop in place, my tears were only forthcoming when King Kazenga LuaLua turned up to dazzle us all for one final time last season.

That's that then. Photee posted. I'm off to construct a dream transfer list for Sir Gus thanks to this to add to the LuaLua/Lansbury dream. Although, the players on the PFA transfer list just don't seem pricey enough to me these days.

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